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A Top Metric for Google is your site Mobile Friendly?

Google is constantly trying to improve it’s Search Results known as SERP’s. Mobile web design has become indispensable in keeping your business in front of the eyeballs.  Just look around, nearly everyone is on those smartphones and searching for products, services and things to do.  We use industry leading software, web designers, SEO geeks and we don’t cut corners.

Test Google Developers

“If you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly, you should. The majority of users coming to your site are likely to be using a mobile device.” -Google Webmaster Guidelines

Why Optimize Mobile

Mobile Optimization is the process of making sure your site is easy to see and use on any smartphone.  We adjust images, text and maximize your CTA’s for easy navigation.

Improve Google Ranking

“The next time Googlebot crawls your pages and determines that they are newly mobile friendly, the mobile-friendly ranking algorithm would kick in for those pages.” -PE


In the USA, 94% of people with smartphones search for local information on their phones.


75% adults report watching YouTube at home on their mobile devices. -Google


80% of people have cell phones! Good news for companies with a mobile marketing strategy.


48% of consumers START mobile research with a search engine. So Call Us! We are good at this.

Google Case Study by the numbers.

Just some raw data for you to look up and some helpful tools.  You can see I was searching for some vacation ideas, and show up, and I tapped on it, and I just hate when you have to zoom and fiddle with the screen to be able to read the content on the screen. Sandals have a gorgeous photo and color scheme.  The center text is too small to read without adjusting your screen.

Note Google has said determined “ may hard to use on a mobile phone.”  

“People are five times more likely to leave a mobile site that isn’t mobile friendly” -Google

Beautiful Web Design Doesn’t alway Mean Mobile Friendly

Compare Sandals with our Design.  Our software and web design team optimize and tweak our software for an excellent mobile experience for both PC, Tablet and cell phones.  While has a huge advertising budget and beautiful graphics, Google bots recognize there is an issue for end users on mobile phones.  So we searched “Caribbean vacations” which is right in Sandals SERP results.  It appears for them to rank in this highly competitive market share we see they have to run Ads.  Ads are very expensive to run in competitive bidding. The smart thing to do is invest in SEO. Depending on the industry Paid vs. Organic SERP clicks go to the top 3 spots on Page 1 up to 94% are Organic Search Results that CrossCadence targets. Making the SEO investment is cheaper in the long run and continues to drive traffic to our clients month after month, year after year. With a few ongoing content strategies, you can dramatically improve your online digital marketing. Drop us a line and be a smart marketer.

Mobile Speed is Important!

Mobile Speed is another key factor, and our test partner here gets a Fail on Mobile Speed.  It should be said Mobile Friendly design is far more important than speed.  Speed is essential in that Google says, “Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds.” -Think with Google SEJ

We thought you should also see Googles score on Mobile Speed.  An 81 which for sure is the video in the background and server loads. Some sites that are faster usually have an extremely light code and just are not that sexy.  A bit dull for us.  So we seek to strike a balance and optimize for Mobile Friendliness and go for as much speed as we can. Usually in the 1 Second range for our clients.

Optimizing Web Design for Multiple Tasks

Finally, in our study of, we see that they got a 63 on Desktop Speed.  While aesthetically beautiful has a bikini model with water gives us the idea of the vacation. And the Sandals brand logo is prominently displayed.  A heavy coded and poorly optimized for multiple user experiences prevent Sandals from ranking better.  So they pay for ads and probably lots for of other marketing budgets.  There is a smarter way.  We are Google Partners and follow Google Webmaster guidelines.  Here is a whitepaper on Multi-Screen Mobile Design & Features.

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