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CrossCadence LLC is a leading search engine marketing firm created to promote your online presence. Our agency is built with certified marketing specialists that generate results for people who are serious about business. We have built an experienced team of SEO specialists, web optimizers, social media experts, conversion champions, and internet geeks. By using trusted methods, we produce predictable and long lasting results. Through continual testing and analysis, we prove our methods work before we “test” them on your site.

We don’t focus on our client’s rankings as much as we excel at producing real results — More traffic, more leads, more sales, and positive brand awareness.

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A Digital Agency

Our digital marketing agency helps business engage with their target markets. We are Google Certified digital marketers who do this stuff every day. CrossCadence is creative, strategic and technically advanced for today’s digital world.

Forward Thinking

We use cutting edge platforms to stay ahead of the curve. Our world-class marketing experts know today’s technology, discover emerging technology, and define the future technologies to give our clients every possible market advantage.

Problem Solvers

Every company has different “Pain Points” throughout their business process. Whether the challenges are in sales, marketing or lead generation, our team can help. We develop solutions that leverage our years of experience and success.

Customer Support

Our clients are much more to us than customers — they are our business partners. At the core of our marketing process, we focus on active listening, forward-thinking solutions, and taking action that helps your business grow.
Brad Schweitzer

Brad Schweitzer

Digital Marketing & Local SEO Expert

Brad is an expert as combining social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and WordPress Websites. His technical expertise, combined with his big picture vision, helps him create a comprehensive and professional total online presence. Brad understands how to build user-friendly and professional websites, optimize the pages for organic search, market keywords with paid search advertising, promote products with social media, and integrate all of the pieces for effective analysis, regular monitoring, and simple management.
John Tretethen

John Tretethen

Corporate Sales Marketing

John has worked with some of the biggest names in today’s business. He has a background in digital marketing with the primary aim of driving revenue through efficient sales enablement tools. John brings over twenty-five years of expertise in both Marketing and Sales. He has a focus towards providing a map to success for our clients and a spirit of excellence that propels top notch services.
Keith McKenzie

Keith McKenzie

Certified Marketing Manager

Constantly educating himself with a true love for getting people lasting results that improve other peoples lives gives Keith the greatest satisfaction in Digital Marketing.  Mastering the craft of Digital Media is our goal.  Testing offline and bringing new technologies to dominate target goals is fun.  Certified in All aspects of Marketing with a focus on how present and emerging platforms keep our SEO & SEM strategies Agile!  Social Media, SEO, Content Creation, & Video Content are some of Keiths’ favorite creative playgrounds.