Search Engine Domination

CrossCadence digital marketing specializes in dominating page one. We don’t just put your website on page one, we cover the page with your entire brand. Are you looking to grow your business — we can help.

Gorgeous Design

We are web design experts that build amazing websites. We focus on clean and simple layouts, an optimized user experience, and speedy loading pages.


SEM & SEO Services

Moving your physical building into Times Square is difficult. Moving your online properties to page one can be a challenge too — but not for us!

Mobile Optimized

Google claims that sites should be mobile friendly. Our sites and SEO services are optimized to display quickly and beautifully on a smart phone.

We are also Wi-Fi Marketing Specialists

This service works fantastic for many businesses, including: restaurants, cafes, salons, auto repair shops, dental offices, or anywhere your customers might sit and wait for a bit. Ask us how this can work for specialized fields like Real Estate Agents too.  See our Video Promo.

Plans and Pricing

We don’t do cookie-cutter work. Our SEO plans are tailored to your current state, your market, and the effort necessary to move you from your bad neighborhood to the best place for your market. Fill out our discovery form and we will give you a quick analysis and a free quote.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking! Here are just a few testimonials about our work. For more testimonials from business owners and marketing experts take a look at our LinkedIn Profile.

Brad is creative, informative, and patient. That combination has helped him improve his clients business. He is an enthusiastic digital marketer who sincerely desires to help others.

Deborah Bradley

Online Ranking Expert, Boston SEO Geeks

Brad is well connected with the top digital marketing experts throughout the industry. He knows the latest trends and best practices of SEO and can quickly review and analyze a website provide direction on how to improve ranking and conversion rate, and achieve dramatic results. I gladly recommend his services to any local business owner looking to get ahead of the competition. Brad is one of the best digital marketing consultants I’ve had the opportunity of working with.

Rick Lin

Digital Marketing & SEO Search Strategy Consultant, Omni Digital Solutions

Very lucky to know Brad, he is extremely knowledgeable in the fields of Search Engine Marketing and other forms of digital business opportunities. He was able to answer all the questions I had and I could directly apply his answers to a client’s site and achieved great results for them. So happy to have people like him to reach out to when needed. If your business needs a boost online, you can’t go wrong with Brad.

Shannon McCraw

Owner of Virtual Surge SEO & WiFi Social Marketing, Virtual Surge

Frequently Asked Questions

The best business owners ask the toughest questions. We don’t expect anything less from the clients we work with. Here are some common questions we can answer quickly. If you have other questions, we are here to answer them.

What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with clients who are serious about investing in marketing. We love businesses that provide value to the local area, entire nation, or internationally. Our services have the ability to make a substantial impact to your business which means your business can make a real impact to customers. We want our impact to be a positive one. This means we may only take on projects that we feel are a benefit to everyone – the client, the customers, and us. The founders of CrossCadence are competitive and love competing for top Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. Being world-class competitors takes a lot of training, dedication, focus, and effort! On-page SEO can be treated like a sprint, but and off-page SEO takes a lot of time and patience. We are ready for the sprint and conditioned to go the full distance for the big wins. If you feel our approach fits your business, fill out our Discovery Form page and let’s get started.
How long will it take to build my website?
We typically create beautiful websites in about a month. We will have a design ready for you to see in about a week and you should see an active website within two weeks. The remaining two weeks will be a dialog of adjustments an optimization to perfect the image and message of your brand. Of course, each site is unique, and the complexity of features can take a lot of development. So, why not get the best answer by asking us directly? Fill out our discovery form and we’ll give you a time estimate and price estimate that meets your specific needs?
How long will it take to rank my website?
Improving your business position in the search engine results pages takes time. Each industry is unique, and every city, town, or village has a different level of competition. If your competitors are well-established, it takes time and resources to move into their spot. Some campaigns can take up to a year or more in very competitive markets. Other markets may see movement in a few months. Our digital marketing projects achieve stable, lasting results. We see this as an investment that will generate constant new business for you for the foreseeable future. It is much easier to hang on to the top positions than it is to get there. So, let’s get your site moved and work together to keep it there. Also, we don’t make long-term contracts. Our quotes cover specific projects and expected results. You can rest assured we won’t force you to pay us for the rest of your life.
What hosting do you recommend and use?
We love the experts at! They not only have fast and reliable servers, but they are experts at customer service. We can rest assured that they protect our sites from hackers. They provide daily backups and a staging area so we can experiment with new features. When our sites are hosted at WP Engine we never miss a night of sleep.
What is White Hat and Black Hat SEO?
White hat SEO is following Google Webmaster Guidelines to the T. In a perfect world you would build a website, and people would magically start to talk about it. Every link is made naturally without any form of influence by the business owner. We definitely generate White Hat SEO buzz. Black hat SEO is bending and breaking the search engine guidelines. In many cases, this would include building fake accounts and massive amounts of links from spammy sites. It might include forcing your way into the news with lies and deception. We absolutely don’t do Black Hat SEO. It is not worth the risk. What hat(s) do we wear? We wear more of a camouflaged hat. We know how the search engines work. We know it is a lot like high school where links (friends), social activity (people talking about you), and time on site (people talking with you) are essential components of a healthy site. If we followed Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to the exact specification, we would build a site and do nothing with it. Think about the “real” world and starting a business. Would you tell your friends about your business? Would you do what it takes to get some air time on the TV through advertising — or even better on the local news? We treat your website like a real business. Instead of hoping for traffic we prime the pump by generating a buzz about your business. We leverage social media to build engaging content. We find business directories and list your business. We give your site the right start to build and grow naturally which is what Google expects.

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