Awesome Website

Your awesome food truck deserves nothing less than an awesome website where you can generate online sales and help new customers find where you are.

Search Marketing

Put your food cart website on the first page of the search engines. When your customers are looking be sure you are there to be found.

Social Media Plan

Leverage the power of social media to create raving fans and a loyal base of customers that market your business for you.

Beautiful Web Design

We are web design experts that build amazing websites. We focus on clean and simple layouts, an optimized user experience, and speedy loading pages.

Search Engine Marketing

Moving your physical building into Times Square is difficult. Moving your online properties to page one can be a challenge too — but not for us!

Social Media Activity

Generate a social buzz around your business in a way that helps you grow. We don’t just create social chatter we create social customers.

Step 1: Create a Website

Choose a premium website theme or go with a fully customized site. Either way, we set your business on a solid digital platform that can grow with you. Our websites are optimized for both customer conversions and search engine marketing.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Phone Ordering

Online Ordering

Online orders = Larger order

Google Maps

Integrate Google Maps

Online Menu

Show your menus

Customer Reviews

Generate Customer Reviews

Special Offers

List Special Offers

Optimized Web Design

Every client and project are unique! We examine your business, goals, market and customer demographics to create a website design that is truly optimized. We optimize for search incorporating the latest Google Webmaster Guidelines. We optimize for conversion using clean, simple designs that optimize the call to action. We optimize for your business brand creating a look and feel that complements your other digital properties. Our designs are flexible, standards-based and ready for the future. All of this works in harmony to create the perfect online brand, generate more sales, and create excited customers.

The backbone of our Website Designs rests in the culmination of research, communication, digital design, development and flawless execution. To arrive at a successful implementation, we fully understand our clients and their operations. Our primary goal is to communicate your brand with a consistent easy to use interface that allows your business to grow and dominate in an ever-changing digital world.

World Class Support

Always available WordPress experts keep your site running smoothly.


Secure Firewall System

Multiple firewalls keep your website data safe and secure from threats

SSL Certificate Ready

Enable SSL Certificates with ease for a minimal additional fee (or sometimes free)

Automatic Daily Backups

Automated daily backups through a redundant system (just in case you need it)

Lightning Fast Caching

Optimized caching system to ensure reliability, scalability and site speed


Hack & Malware Scan

Detect and eliminate any malware or hacking issues with proactive security scans

Ready to get moving?

Step 2: Food Truck Digital Marketing

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Optimize your website


Identify target phrases


Generate natural links





Schedule content updates

Special Offers

List Special Offers

Search Marketing Solutions

Let’s face it if we build a beautiful website with a perfected user experience but nobody finds it we wasted our services and your money. You need to leverage the resources you have which are why our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a fundamental component of the holistic foundation we build. With thousands of websites being created daily, you need to invest in a marketing program that helps your potential customers find you. We design, implement, execute and test a Customized SEO Program that helps your site rank highly locally and nationally in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Our team of experts spends countless hours and money to maintain our position as one of the best digital marketing agencies. We continually research, test and invest in world-class training, leverage cutting-edge tools, and collaborate with the top SEOs in the world. This passion keeps us agile and relevant in our industry. And we are pretty good at this stuff.

Does your business need more customers?

Increase Business Revenue

We move your brand to page one and you dominate your competition. We help your company grow with new streams of online traffic. Our search-engine strategies move your website in front of your customers.

Generate Business Leads

Our proven Digital Marketing strategies optimize your brand, improve your unique position and deliver paying customers to your website.


Increase Digital Exposure

Not only do we improve your website position. We improve your brand position -- including your social profiles, advertising, news channels, online call to action, and market penetration.

Your Partners for Success

We consider ourselves partners in your business objectives. We have a vested interest in driving more revenue and growing your market share.

Regular Summary Reports

We work transparently. You will see the ups and downs while we work on building your brand. Each month we summarize the work completed, the challenges, and the next steps.

Trusted Industry Experts

SEO is our passion. We stay current with search engine algorithms in order to stay out in front of changes in the industry and shifts in search patterns. The cadence of technology is our lifeblood and we keep it flowing so your brand maintains the top position.

Google Domination

Our goal is to move your business to the next level; as in the first page. We don’t just rank your website though, we push your entire brand to the top of Google's organic search results.

Work Done Right

Each client is assigned an expert project manager who researches your brand is if it were his own. We manage and complete all the work in-house with properly trained SEO Specialists and highly skilled Digital Marketers.


Simple Contracts

Our agreements are written to clarify understanding. We don’t create contracts to lock you into the never-ending SEO payment. We define a project, complete it and achieve results.

Ready to get moving?

Step 3: Improve Social Media Activity

Find the right balance of social activity and automation. Spend time on your business while we help build your social media following. What is better than free advertising from your current customers? I guess a little viral advertising could be helpful. We know how to make your customers your marketing team!

Generate Positive Reviews

Encourage customers to share your services with all of their friends

Share Weekly Specials

Let your raving fans know what menu items are on special for the week

Special Customer Offers

Promote special offers and generate a constant buzz in your customer base

Social Media Strategies

Just look at your own brand, your competitor’s brand, and any other market you follow — what do you see? Today, there is a proliferation of people, your future customers, on various community driven websites. These social media platforms are an essential element of online branding. Clean, optimized, and active social accounts (Influencer Marketing) are like additional doorways to your business. These doorways are where new customers may enter, existing customers with questions might come to, and your market buzz starts and grows. The level of sophistication of today’s Social Media Platforms growing exponentially! Users spend countless hours talking about the smallest detail and sharing every experience with friends and family. This is the current word of mouth advertising. We identify the Relevant Social Media Channels for your market, optimize them for search and customer interaction, and help you build them with raving fans. Some of the cutting edge techniques we use today will blow you away. We leverage Retargeting and Smart Content Marketing to promote Positive Peer Customer Reviews, and your brand benefits! We love this stuff and we love getting our clients results! is a simple food truck site design with a clean online menu. The site contains the basic, but essential, pages needed for a foot truck — Home (landing page), Menu with images, About the business, and a clean contact page. The Menu integrates with an online shopping cart to manage orders and inventory.
Crow's Nest Coffee Shoppe Website is a simple one-page coffee shop site. The page incorporates customer testimonials, clean images, a short video, and a menu overview. The clip is added to wet the customers coffee appetite. The full menu is not available because the shop has daily, fresh-made selections based on the market and seasons.

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