If you have an HR team – you will know that this covers a lot of tasks, particularly since legislation and laws are being updated regularly.  As such, they have a lot on their plate, and you may want to consider what you can do to ensure that they are focusing on the tasks that will help your business grow.  Here we discuss how you can improve the productivity of your HR team.

Use Collaborative Software

The likes of Office365 can help your HR team collaborate with not only each other – but with other departments too.  Office365 allows you access to the whole office suite and also the facility to share files on the cloud. This means if you have any of your HR team working remotely – they’d not only be able to access files that someone else has worked on but edit them too. Office365 also allows you to create teams and groups in the email system.  This means should HR need to send comms to a particular department – this can be done with ease without having to find each recipient. There are lots of other advantages to this software.

Outsourcing Specific Tasks

It could be that there are certain tasks that your HR team is dealing with that they don’t need to be such as recruitment to an executive staffing agency particularly if they are looking for a top-level team member such as an executive.  Instead of them spending lots of time posting ads on job sites that may not be relevant or specific to that niche.  If you outsource to an executive staffing agency – they will have a lot of experience in being able to complete that task for you.  This will save your HR team time and allow them to work on other tasks that need to be completed. 

Use Project Management Software

You can get your HR team to work on project management software to monitor productivity and to identify bottlenecks for improvement.  With something like Trello – you can get a more accurate view of how long tasks are taking, and if there is room for improvement in terms of one particular area of the process.  Deadlines can be added, and it can act as a kind of work in progress or Kanban board. You can also integrate it with other types of communication software such as Slack for even better management.

Create a Health and Wellbeing Policy

The likelihood is that your HR team will already advise on a health and wellbeing policy for your team – but make sure you take care of them too.  Often this includes work initiatives such as cycle to work policies – or fruit deliveries to the office.  It could also be integrating mindfulness sessions as part of the workplace to create a calmer environment.

If you want to ensure that your HR team is working to their optimum level – then make sure you check out some of our top tips.