Creating a Google My Business listing is pretty straight forward. The primary requirement is that you have a business and that it has a physical address.

The basic steps are:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Enter your business name.
    • If your business is already in Google My Business it may appear as an option. If not, you’ll want to create it in the next step.
    • If you see a page that says “This listing has already been claimed,” click Request access
  3. Select your business category.
  4. Enter your business address.
    • If you also serve customers outside your business address, you’ll have the option to list your service areas as well.
    • If you don’t serve customers at your business address:
      1. Enter your business address.
      2. At the bottom, click I deliver goods and services to my customers  Next.
  5. List your service areas, then click Next.
  6. Enter a phone number or website URL for your chain, and click Finish.
  7. Select a verification option. Typically this will be by postcard.
Step 1. Search for the company
Step 2. Confirm the business name
Step 3. Choose the Business Category
Step 4. Add the business location
Step 5. Add the business address
Step 6. Select the service areas
Step 7. Enter the business phone and website
Step 8. Finish the GMB creation
Step 9. Begin the GMB verification process
Step 10. The postcard is on the way
Step 11. View the business dashboard.